A Year in Review, What has Changed?

When I started Big Pig a year ago I didn’t have any idea what to expect in terms of beginning a company. I came from working from some of the much larger production companies in Toronto and wanted to branch out on my own. We deal with mostly web and new media, and our center focus has been to create content that looks clean, simple, and professional on budgets that are small. In order to correctly judge this year I decided to focus on three topics creativity, productivity, and technology and what they have meant to us. Enjoy.  


When I first started filming and organizing shoots I thought that because we were a new company and focusing on smaller market clients it would be harder to be creative without having the budget to do so. After a year that attitude has changed completely. I now feel that being creative is only affected by the attitude of the people shooting the particular piece. Budget mearly affects the degree of creativity and presents you with more options. If you are able to afford the extra light to rent, it will be able to get you a certain type of look. However if this isn’t possible and limited by the budget then you need to be able to come up with a new option, which might end up giving you a look that is better than your original idea. 

In terms of creativity you need to be adaptable to everything that might change on a set, which includes your budget. It would of course be nice to have enough money to rent everything for every possible option but this might not be possible and you need to be know that if an original idea becomes impossible to create, then you will have a back up plan with the options you do have. 

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