A Year in Review, What has Changed? Part 2

This is part two in the series, in this posting I am going to focus on the productivity of the company, and how it has changed over the course of the year. 


In terms of Productivity I have come to learn even more over the course of our first year is that organization is the key to a smooth and productive shoot. Our shoots at Big Pig have run relatively smooth however in order for this to happen it took hours of preparation and planning to make sure that everything was planned out. However in production it tends to be that no matter how much you plan. However no matter how long you do plan something it is either going to go wrong or screw up whether it be in or out of your control. If you are more organized this minimizes the chances of your production breaking down because you are able to adapt to these changes. As well your team needs to be able to think on their feet and work with others in order to be productive, this is something I will expand on further later however it is necessary to state this now. 

For post production this also applies, by taking the extra day and going through all of your footage labelling everything and separating what you need and don’t need it will save you hours of headaches. Post is still a slow process, although this small preparation will allow you to work faster and become more productive, which will save you time and your clients money which are both valuable to each of you.  

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