Why the Name Big Pig?

The name Big Pig Production Co. was chosen specifically to connect to the city of Toronto. When starting the company I felt that the origin of a name needed to be connected to the city in which it was based, and because Toronto was connected to the name “Hogtown” the connection of a Pig seemed to fit perfectly.

The name “Hogtown” related to the livestock that was processed and packaged in Toronto. The William Davies Company, the city’s largest Pork processor and packer became an inspiration for the people to call Toronto this name. 

I wanted something that would connect with Toronto’s past while be something that could grow into the future. The name Big Pig was simple, fun and meant something to Toronto. For me it was the perfect fit in every aspect. 

I really feel that when building a brand it needs to be connected to where you are located. It needs to be catchy but have meaning, a lot of companies will name their brand for a variety of reasons but I personally feel that brands connected to something more than the founders have a better chance at connecting to a wider audience. I hope that when you are reading this you like the name as much as I do and hope to see it out in Toronto more often over the course of this year. 

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