For us filmmaking is a collaborative process. We work with you in creating a story from scratch or executing a creative idea you already have. We will help you in finding the best ways to execute that creative idea, providing a simple and informed breakdown of all the aspects of your production. In the end we will provide storyboards and a comprehensive pre-production book that summarizes all of your choices including the moodboard, casting, costuming, locations, and crew.



Big Pig Co. will handle every aspect when it comes to completing your production. We make sure that every part of our creative process is executed smoothly, whether that is booking locations, completing casting, confirming crew or creating call sheets, we make sure you don’t have to worry about anything and keep you updated as we go along. The main feedback we receive from our clients and crew is that our shoots are smooth, and we intend to keep that our mantra. We want to be able to create smooth productions for you. All of our videos are shot on the highest end cameras and lenses, including brands like ARRI, RED, COOKE, and ZEISS. The money you invest should go into the best equipment first because that is where you will see the immediate return on your investment.

Colour Correction 2-01.png


Colour Correction is essential to the process of filmmaking. During each production we film our videos using a flat profile. This essentially lets us alter the colour grade of your film in any way we see fit. Whether it is boosting the blue in the sky or the green in the trees we are able to accomplish it.

Post Production 2-01.png


We complete all of our post production in house. We meticulously select the best clips and takes of your production and assemble them in the most creative way possible. We work with you throughout the process providing multiple rounds of edits to make sure our creative edit is matching to your vision. Once assembled we provide a colour grade of the video and complete a sound mix to make sure your video looks and sounds the best. When it comes to sourcing music we work with a variety of services but particularly like for their quality of music.