Big Pig Production Co. is a video production company based in the heart of downtown Toronto. Our deliverables have included work for Web, Broadcast, and Social. Established in 2011 Big Pig started working out of a basement apartment and now works with some of the most successful commercial and corporate clients. Big Pig has worked recently with Vitamix, Klick Health, Joe Fresh, and Green P. We specifically use only the best cameras, lenses, and equipment and we don’t compromise. We feel that if you are investing a significant amount of money in us we should deliver the best product possible for you, and we cater our budgets to make sure we can accomplish that.



Working with Big Pig is a true creative collaboration. Mark cares as much about the project as I do, and the results always exceed my expectations.
— J.C Molina, Creative Director, TENZING COMMUNICATIONS
Mark and his crew at Big Pig consistently deliver. High-quality work comes in on time and on budget and with seamless communication-a great working partner!
— Joanne Close, Managing Editor, PEARSON CANADA
Mark and Big Pig Co produced a fantastic, high quality video with an incredible crew that was professional, talented and an absolute pleasure to work with. Our team is so impressed and pleased with the final result!
— Naomi Blackman, (Former) Senior Manager Integrated Marketing, JOE FRESH
Quite simply put, Mark is a pleasure to work with. Whether you need a translated voiceover, video content or edits, Mark will work around the clock and work within your budget. I would strongly recommend working with
— Kloé Schultz, Accounts Manager, Public Relations MINT AGENCY